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Your trusted dentist and dedicated Ocala, FL dental team! We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to new patients and walk-ins seeking top-notch dental care in the Ocala area. Our commitment to your oral health and vibrant smiles sets us apart as a leading choice for dental services in Ocala, FL.

At True Care Dental, we understand the importance of finding a reliable Ocala dentist who truly cares for your dental needs. Our dental team consists of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about delivering exceptional dental care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Whether you're due for a routine check-up, interested in cosmetic enhancements, or require restorative treatments, our dental team is here to cater to your unique needs.

As a preferred choice for an Ocala dentist, our goal is to ensure that every visit to True Care Dental is a positive experience. We take pride in our comprehensive range of dental services, from preventive care to advanced dental procedures. Our experienced Ocala, FL dental team employs the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the highest quality of care, promoting both oral health and overall well-being.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment and experience the True Care Dental difference. Discover why we are the preferred choice for an Ocala dentist, offering comprehensive dental solutions tailored to your needs. Your smile is our priority, and we look forward to welcoming you to our True Care Dental Family and Implant Dentistry practice.

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Available Services

Emergency Dentistry

You never know when a dental emergency will happen. Thankfully, True Care Dental is Ocala’s most trusted Dental Emergency team. We have a team of dental experts to serve you.

Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry

A drug-induced depression of consciousness during which patients respond purposefully to verbal commands, either alone or accompanied by light tactile stimulation. No interventions are required to maintain a patent airway, and spontaneous ventilation is adequate. Cardiovascular function is usually maintained.

Oral Cancer Screening

The inside of the mouth is normally lined with a special type of skin (mucosa) that is smooth and coral pink in color. Any alteration in this appearance could be a warning sign for a pathological process. The most serious of these is oral cancer.

We recommend performing an oral cancer self-examination monthly and remember that your mouth is one of your body’s most important warning systems. Do not ignore suspicious lumps or sores.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease is an infection caused by the bacteria found in plaque, the thin biofilm that constantly forms around our teeth. In response to these bacteria, our immune system produces toxins. Unfortunately, these toxins also target our gums and other supportive tissues, resulting in the infection known as periodontal disease. Without treatment, periodontal disease can have serious consequences for your oral health.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling is a [non-surgical] deep cleaning measure that includes removing plaque from above and below the gumline. The root is also smoothened through planing to allow the tissue to heal and reattach itself to the tooth. Local anesthesia is applied to numb the targeted area and make the procedure much more comfortable. Antibiotics may be recommended as a means of controlling the toxic bacteria from spreading further that cause periodontitis.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting can repair implant sites with inadequate bone structure due to previous extractions, gum disease or injuries. The bone is either obtained from a tissue bank or your own bone is taken from the jaw, hip or tibia (below the knee). Sinus bone grafts are also performed to replace bone in the posterior upper jaw.

TMJ Treatment

The terms TMJ and TMD are often used interchangeably, but they aren’t the same thing. The TMJ is the jaw joint, and a TMD is a problem with the joint.

Dental Bridges

A safe, low-risk way to replace one or more missing teeth. Natural teeth or dental implants can be used as anchors to support the suspended replacement teeth.

Dental Crowns

Decay or trauma can cause loss of tooth structure and can compromise function as well as aesthetics. Extensive loss of tooth structure can best be replaced with a restoration that covers your entire tooth as in a crown. This “full coverage” restoration can strengthen your tooth and in the hands of an Ocala, FL expert can provide a long lasting esthetic and functional result.

Routine and Deep Cleaning

There are two parts to your True Care Dental visit – examination and cleaning. Your exam will check for cavities, plaque, and tartar on your teeth.

Dental Implants

Do you have a missing tooth? We understand how this can make your feel. We believe that everyone should be able to achieve their best smile. With our dental implants in Ocala, FL you can do just that!

All on X Dental Implants

With All on X implants/dentures, patients can enjoy the full functionality and appearance of natural teeth. Starting as low as $217 monthly per arch. *some restrictions apply

Dentures and Partials

We know that life with dentures and partials can be both a blessing and a curse in Ocala, FL. On one hand, it's important to remove teeth that are painful, broken down and infected, yet on the other hand, improperly made dentures used to replace those missing or extracted teeth can make eating, drinking and speaking very difficult.


While many of us do our best to keep our teeth healthy, sometimes a tooth needs to be taken out to keep you healthy. In these cases, an extraction is necessary.

Tooth Colored Fillings

A toothache can disrupt your life. Tooth decay, cracked teeth, and cavities will provide a constant and painful reminder. At True Care Dental we have completed thousands of fillings.

Root Canal

A root canal is a minimally invasive, nonsurgical endodontic treatment. The procedure is preformed under local anesthesia and involves opening the crown of the tooth, exposing the roots and pulp of the tooth. When the pulp and root is exposed the infected areas of the tooth are removed.

A root canal is one of the most common dental procedures performed, well over 14 million every year. This simple treatment can save your natural teeth and prevent the need of dental implants or bridges.

Teeth Cleaning

At TrueCare Family and Implant Dentistry, we believe that getting your teeth cleaned every 6 months keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

Teeth Whitening

Let our team help you determine what whitening process is right for you, based on the current color and condition of your teeth.


A wafer-thin glass shells that can be bonded to the front of your teeth to mask their shape, color, or size. The highest quality veneers are made individually by hand and are hard to distinguish from natural teeth. veneers can be used to remarkably transform the smile of patients who have worn, chipped, or discolored teeth. Slightly crooked teeth can be straightened as well. Hand-made porcelain veneers are typically very translucent and when bonded to your teeth they are very lifelike.

Periodontal Therapy

We specialize in a wide variety of procedures designed to maintain or improve your periodontal tissues. The periodontal (gum) tissues are an important part of your oral health. Our experience and expertise in periodontics allows us to provide high-quality treatments you cannot find anywhere else!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Looking great and feeling great go hand-in-hand. At True Care Dental, we would be honored to be your cosmetic dentist in Ocala, FL.

Meet the Ocala Team

True Care Dental Family and Implant Dentistry invites you to join our growing family of satisfied patients who have benefited from our personalized approach to dentistry. We are conveniently located in Ocala, making us easily accessible for both scheduled appointments and walk-in consultations. Your journey to optimal oral health starts with us, your dedicated Ocala dental team.